Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Babies are expensive

Well, I had an eventful past week. My contractions picked up to every 2-5 minutes early Wednesday morning. We headed to the hospital, and after being there around an hour they picked up to every 2 minutes, and were regular. I thought for sure this was it. The doctor checked me out and I somehow, someway was not in labour! I got some IV fluids, morphine and fell asleep. I had my ultrasound already scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, so I had that and everything looks great with baby and I. I stayed over Wednesday night too just to make sure the contractions didn't get worse. I was discharged home Thursday afternoon with contractions around every 6-8 minutes. When I was telling people I was going home they couldn't believe it with contractions that often, but the contractions aren't doing anything at this point. They are more frustrating than anything. So, now I get them around 5-6 times per hour, every hour of every day. FUN!

On the bright side of things, we finally went shopping for baby! Yay! Ralph pushed me around in a wheelchair so I wasn't doing too much. We've bought a stroller/carseat set, 2 playpens, a swing/bouncer, some clothes, diaper bag, diapers, wipes, a blanket, and some other small things. Oh, yeah I'm not sure if you're aware, but... babies are expensive!! Ha! Luckily we got a really good deal on the stroller/carseat set, playpen, and swing/bouncer at Babies R Us yesterday. We've decided we are going to buy most of the clothes second hand. We figure babies usually grow out of clothes pretty fast, therefore only wear things a handful of times. So, if we buy them second hand they should still be in good condition and we don't have to pay full price for them. Of course we are still going to buy a few of them new, I just got a little onesie on ebay yesterday. 

We also started clearing out what will be baby's room on the weekend. It was sort of a guest room, but we've moved the bed out and now it's filled with all the new baby stuff. It's getting so exciting! I have 11 weeks left max. However, it's rather unlikely I will be holding on that long, but you never know. 

I'll leave you with my most recent belly shot, taken yesterday at 29 weeks.

- Amy

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