Tuesday, January 31, 2012

33 Weeks 1 Day

Another week down and baby seems to be pretty comfy. I have a doctors appointment and growth ultrasound on Thursday so we can see how big our peanut is. I've been having a TON of contractions the past 24 hours or so, sometimes every 3-5 minutes but I'm not rushing into Labour and Delivery. They aren't getting anymore intense, and they spread out when I change activity. I'm trying to hold out for my appointment on Thursday.

I went to a friends house for sushi on the weekend. No, I didn't eat any raw stuff, only cooked! It was nice to get out of the house and socialize, and the sushi was delicious!! Haven't had it for over a year.

Our crib and glider/ottoman are supposed to arrive this weekend. Lucky Ralph gets to spend the weekend putting those together. Poor guy, maybe one weekend I won't have a list of things for him to do.... maybe. I just really feel the need to have everything ready, as we know little peanut could be coming any day now. Thanks for being such a trooper Ralph :)

Belly pic from today, 33 weeks 1 day:

I missed my photo yesterday for my 365 project, so here's a photo of me as a baby:

- Amy

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