Wednesday, January 25, 2012

32 Weeks 2 Days

Oops, I guess I dropped the ball on blogging the last few days. I've just been really tired lately. Ever since my hospital admission last week, I've at least been back on a half normal sleeping schedule. I get up around 9am but I'm so tired by the end of the day that I've been falling asleep around 7pm. I usually blog at night, hence I've skipped a few days. I napped midday today so I'm not too bad right now. I think I'm going to have to fit a daily nap into my busy schedule...

Anywhoo, I'm 32 weeks 2 days today. Ralph and I did some more baby shopping on the weekend. We got the crib mattress and a few other small things. Now we just need a dresser and some little things and we're done. I'm getting really frustrated trying to find a dresser. The crib and glider/ottoman are espresso so I started off looking for a dresser in a matching colour to no avail. We then decided we didn't care about the colour and just need something, still nothing! We've looked in all the stores here and in Moncton, and refuse to pay $500! I've been stalking Kijiji and found a nice one today that just got posted yesterday. I called and BAHM sold! So, if anybody has a nice tall dresser with 4-5 drawers in it for sale please let me know.

Ralph and I also went out for dinner and a movie on the weekend. We went to the Keg, figuring it could be our last chance for a quiet dinner just the two of us. Then we went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I've been too scared to go to a movie while pregnant since I went into labour with my girls in a movie theatre. I know it is completely irrational but I couldn't bring myself to go until now. It was a good movie but I was SO uncomfortable!! My back was killing me, my ribs were killing me, and the loud noises had little peanut bouncing off the walls of my uterus. So, that may be the last movie for a while.

I went on Skype yesterday with my mum and sister. It was so nice to see them and show them all the baby stuff. I wish they lived closer so they could enjoy this pregnancy with me, but they are hopefully coming to visit in April and I can't wait!

That's really about it. We are just thankful for everyday that little peanut stays put.

Here's the belly today at 32 weeks 2 day (this is a maternity top....yeah it's not covering the belly anymore, lol).

I've missed so many days for my 365 project so I'm just going to post a few photos now to catch up.

On the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo playing around with my new camera.

Strange coloured pigeon in Campbell River, British Columbia.

The little place on the left is called Dicks fish and chips in Campbell River, British Columbia. They serve the most amazing deep fried Mars Bars!! I brought my family there when they came over for my graduation in 2010. 

Flowers somewhere in Campbell River, British Columbia.

- Amy

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