Friday, January 20, 2012

3rd Admission

Thank you to my wonderful husband for posting for me yesterday. So, as you know I'm back in the hospital. From about Tuesday night til' early Thursday morning I was having increased contractions again and just felt that I should get checked out. The doctor discovered that I was 1cm dilated and decided to admit me to keep an eye on things. My cervix is still about the same length. I know you really want to hear all the details. Haha! My contractions are all over the place, sometimes 6 minutes apart sometimes up to 14 minutes apart.

I received 2 steroid injections 24 hours apart to help the babys lungs if they decide to arrive in the next 2 weeks. The plan is for me to stay again tonight. The doctor will check things out tomorrow. If everything seems to be the same I will get to go home. If things are progressing I suppose we'll go from there. I likely would be transferred to Halifax.

I'll update tomorrow. Here is a photo of my room taken from my phone.

- Amy

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