Monday, February 27, 2012


Peanut is officially full term!! Yes, that's right full frickin' term! I had a doctor's appointment on Friday and everything continues to look perfect with peanut and I. I can't believe I brought up induction during the appointment. You know me, I like to be prepared for everything so I was just curious how long she will let me go for. She told me she will induce me if I make it to 41 weeks, and will sweep my membranes at 39-40 weeks. This plan sounds good to us. We also got to see one of the labour and delivery rooms while we were there. The room is really nice, and seeing it made things feel even more real. I can't believe we will be meeting peanut any day!

I had my baby shower on Saturday, and it was so nice to see everyone! A couple of friends from work hosted it, and they did an awesome job. Thanks ladies!! We are so grateful for all the gifts we got; peanut is spoiled already. Thank you to everyone that came, and all the wonderful gifts. The big present we got was a baby bullet. Even though we all know I don't cook, I think I could handle blending up some delicious food for baby. I'm super excited to use it! 

Here I am opening gifts:

I think sometimes when people have battled with infertility and/or loss it is assumed that they will not and should not have any complaints about their much longed for pregnancy. While I am so extremely grateful to be pregnant, I am not immune to the aches and pains that go along with it. With that being said, I have been dealing with really bad pelvic and hip pain the past few weeks. It literally feels like my pelvis is going to break in half! Rolling over in bed takes me like 5 minutes, and I have to roll over every 45 minutes to an hour because my hips hurt if I lay on them for too long. Also, these stretch marks are getting out of control! My hips, thighs and lower belly are now completely covered and I can see them starting to come in on the top of my belly. I was talking to my mum yesterday and she was telling me to try bio oil. I haven't bothered trying any lotions thus far because I figured if I'm going to get stretch marks there really isn't any way of avoiding them. However, my mum says that bio oil has worked really well on her skin for any small scars, etc. So, I went and bought some yesterday because I figured it can't hurt. 

Ahhh, it's nice to be able to get that out there. I've been feeling like I am not allowed to complain, but I'm only human after all. Despite these complaints I would not trade them for anything!! I don't care if my whole body is covered in stretch marks, and as much as my pelvis and hips hurt it is so worth it. I am grateful to be this far along and as big as I am that I even get these pains in the first place! 

That's about if for this week. When I do go into labour I will try to update on Facebook and Twitter so stay tuned. 

- Amy

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