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a person who suffers from insomnia the inability,especially when chronic, to obtain   sufficient sleep, through difficulty in falling or staying asleep.

I CANNOT sleep!! It is so frustrating, I'm close to tears! I've never been a good sleeper; I've always been a night owl, but these past few weeks have been so draining. I can't sleep at all at night and am only able to get in a couple of hours during the day. Everyone keeps telling me to rest up now because I won't be able to when peanut is here. I wish I could! It's not so much that I'm uncomfortable because when I do finally roll over from one side to the other I'm actually ok, it's more that my mind just won't stop. I'm just so excited and anxious for peanut to get here. I keep playing scenarios through my head of when I finally go into labour. Will it be in the middle of the night? or while I'm out shopping? I am a planner, I need to know everything that's going to happen in advance so it's really difficult for me not knowing when the big day will be. 

I had a doctor's appointment last Thursday. Everything's great with peanut and I. I've gained a little more weight than I wanted to, but what do you do? The Dr. said baby had a big growth spurt according to my fundal height soooo I'm just going to blame the weight gain on peanut and not the massive amounts of chocolate I've been eating. I told her how anxious I've been feeling. I just want our baby here safe and sound! She thinks I likely have an anxiety disorder, which I've sort of suspected I've had for a few years now. So, I think I'm going to try and meet with somebody to learn techniques to decrease my anxiety, and I want to avoid medication if I can. This is definitely not something I want to pass onto peanut when he/she is older. I want to take care of this now! 

I forgot to post a recent pic of my belly in my last post so here it is at 37 weeks 4 days. You can see all my lovely stretch marks. They are making my belly so itchy. I'm applying Bio Oil twice a day and regular lotion about 2-3 times a day to cut down on the itchiness.

Oh, and here is a video Ralph took on his phone of me shopping in Walmart when I was still on bed rest. I'm not sure exactly how far along I was.... I'm thinking around 28-30 weeks... Usually when we went shopping back then Ralph would push me in a regular wheelchair, but that night one of their employees suggested I take the electric one. I felt SO ridiculous, I couldn't stop laughing while riding it. It even beeped when you backed up. Hahaha!

I got my hair done yesterday. I figured I won't be able to get it done for a while after baby is here so I got it done while I still had the time. My hairdresser was shocked to see me still pregnant. Haha. 

Ok, so I think I've pretty much abandoned the 365 project. Maybe I'm just not creative enough to come up with an interesting photo each day, or it could be the fact that I'm just tired and lazy right now. Once baby is here I'm sure I'll be posting lots of photos, but I just feel guilty each day that I don't post one so I'm saying I'm done for now. 

I've started reading the "Hunger Games". So far I've only read the first chapter, but I think it's going to be a good read. I haven't read a book other than a textbook in at least 9-10 years which is so sad because I used to read 1-2 books a day when I was a kid. I have a hard time concentrating on a novel, but I'm bound and determined to make it through this one then hopefully continue on with others.

Ralph and I went with a friend to see "Safe House" last week. It was a good movie, I recommend it. I felt kind of silly though because I had to bring a pillow for my back. Oh well, I was comfortable and could enjoy the movie that's all that matters. 

Well, that was a long and random post. Since I'll be 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I've pretty much updated you on everything I may not post tomorrow. I may post a belly pic, I'll see how I feel. It's 6:45am, I'm going to attempt to sleep here in a few minutes. Wish me luck!

- Amy

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