Monday, February 13, 2012

35 Weeeeeeks :)

I know I say it in every update, but I can't believe I made it another week! We obviously want little peanut to stay in there a couple more weeks at least, but we CANNOT wait to meet our precious baby!! We finished the letters for the nursery wall and they look awesome in the room. Ralph bought a staple gun, and stapled the ribbon to the letters. I had to leave the room when he was doing it because staple guns freak me out! Here is one of the letters hanging:

There's really not too much to update on this week. I had a regular doctor's appointment this week that took all of 5 minutes. As my doctor said, I'm now just a regular patient (other than the constant contractions! ha!). Everything is great with peanut and I. 

We decided to move one of our playpens into the living room upstairs. We originally had it downstairs in the family room, but I figure I won't want to trek up and down the stairs all day with a newborn so I'll be hanging out in the living room. We will be using the bassinet part of our other playpen for baby to sleep in for the first few months beside our bed. I'm doing really bad with my 365 project... so here's a photo of the playpen in our living room....oooohhhh ahhhhhh!

I was bored so I made a little collage of my belly pics from 20 weeks til' today. The bottom middle and bottom right photos were taken today:

And just because I love my husband and I like this photo, here we are at my nursing graduation, 2010:

- Amy

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