Tuesday, February 21, 2012

36 Weeks 1 Day

I can officially deliver at my local hospital! Yes! Oh, and it's only 27 days til' my due date. There were at least 3 days this past week where I started getting painful contractions around 2-4 minutes apart. I thought for sure I was starting labour every time! Nope... still here! Other than that there isn't really anything else new this week.

Here's my belly today:

I've still been doing lots of crafts to keep me busy. A friend showed me how to create a custom wipes case. Here is my first one. It obviously looks much better in colour. Soon I won't' have to make the photos black and white. Once peanut is here I can post them in colour.

I've almost finished these closet dividers. I just need to write the ages and make a cut in them so I can hang them. I bought cheap foam door hangers, and just covered them in different scrapbook paper. 

- Amy

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