Thursday, February 9, 2012

Days 39 & 40

A project I've been working on the past few days. It's a memory box I bought from Walmart that I painted on top and am experimenting with decoupage on the bottom. Decoupage basically seems to be putting a collage onto an object of some sort. It's really fun and relaxing! The paper is just some scrapbooking paper I cut up.

Ralph putting the glider and ottoman together. Now that the nursery is set-up and organized I often sit in there daydreaming about little peanut :)

Ralph and I had booked a hotel in Halifax for this weekend figuring it would be nice to get a final weekend away before baby arrives. However, we had to cancel it today when we learned approx. 30cm of snow is coming this way Saturday and Sunday. I'm quite disappointed. We were going to bring our hospital bags in case I went into labour while there. If baby is still holding on next week we may consider trying to go next weekend. 

- Amy

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