Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Go apple, go orange, go banana!

We just saw the pediatrician yesterday and he thinks Carter is doing just fine. He has given us the go ahead to start solids full force. He feels that he will likely decrease the spitting up with solids. We are super happy that he's not worried about him and now we get to use our baby bullet. I think we'll start him on bananas or sweet potatoes in the next few days. We also bought him a Safety 1st Lux Nosh High Chair that we can now use. Yay :) I'll let you know how I like the baby bullet and high chair in a few weeks.

He now weighs 15lb 5oz and is 27 inches. We think he's just going to be tall and skinny.

We bought Carter a muslin blanket yesterday. We don't use blankets for him at bedtime as i'm just far too paranoid that he will pull it up over his face. We use sleep sacks instead, which I highly recommend. With sleep sacks he can't pull them over his face and he stays warm as they won't fall off. I've heard from so many people about how wonderful muslin blankets are. I guess they are supposed to keep baby warm when it's cold out and keep them cool when the weather is warm.

The past week or so little man has been snuggling a little blanket at naptime when I can keep an eye on him. These muslin blankets are supposedly super breathable so I figured it might be safer for him to snuggle with it as opposed to a regular blanket. He seems to really like it so far.

I'm on the hunt for a jogging stroller right now. I'm currently looking at getting a second hand BOB Revolution. I've done a ton of research and it seems this is the stroller to have. I want to be able to jog with it and use it as an everyday stroller. You have the option to lock or swivel the front wheel so it seems perfect for what I want. Brand new the stroller is around $500 and second hand people are selling them for about $300. So there is definitely good resale value in them.

I know it's still quite a bit for a stroller considering we already have one, but I think it's worth the money and we hate our current stroller. We have the Eddie Bauer Pilot travel system and the stroller is just blah. The wheels often don't roll flat on the ground so you're pushing it on 3 wheels sometimes. When you're turning, the wheels don't like to turn with you so you have to pull back then go forward again so the wheels will turn properly. Also, the storage basket is a joke, as you can barely fit anything in it.

Since Ralph and I have started jogging, we would love to take Carter with us, but can't with our current stroller. I've been debating signing up for a fairly expensive bootcamp but I think our money would be better spent on the stroller so both of us can exercise. Also considering how much we use a stroller anyway, we should at least like it.

I'm waiting on an email back from a lady selling one. Fingers crossed that she still has it as these sell fast!

- Amy

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