Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Woe is me

I've written, rewritten and deleted several posts before posting them over the past few weeks. It takes time to write a post, time that I have to squeeze in between Carter's feedings, diaper changes, playtime and my time with Ralph. I started this blog as a way for family and friends to keep up on whats going on in our lives. I also write about things that I have struggled with, etc. so that I may be able to help someone in a similar situation. I follow many other blogs because I can relate to the author and am interested in what's going on in their lives. Lately, I feel like I am talking to myself.... and why should I bother writing if nobody's reading it?! It's time I could be using for other things.

I also had a little rant on Facebook today. I take time everyday to go through people's status' and photos, and I try to comment as much as possible. Sometimes when I'm busy I will at least "like" the photo or status that way the person knows I at least acknowledged it. Obviously I don't expect people to comment on my stuff all the time. I just feel like "friends" that don't EVER comment are just being nosey. I asked people to delete me from Facebook if they don't care to listen to me talk about my life or look at my photos. The idea of Facebook is to connect with people.... if you can't be bothered with my life I won't bother with yours!! I realize people are busy.. and I realize I post a thousand photos of Carter a day so I can't expect people to comment on them all. I guess I'm just saying if you see me post photos and your first thought is "great, more photos of her kid", etc. etc. thennnn delete me! It's no skin off my nose! Haha! Having said that, if you care to know what's going on in my life continue reading. If I know people are reading I will keep writing. And thank you to those who have been following along :)

And now... an update:

I mentioned in my last post that I wasn't sure how much longer the pumping would last... well it lasted about a week after that post! I had Carter weighed on June 7th and he was only 12lb 8oz. He usually gains around 6oz a week and he had only gained 9oz in 3 and half weeks! Obviously something was up with the expressed milk. I started to notice it didn't have as thick a fat layer on top as it usually does when it's been in the fridge. It was also turning a greenish-blue hue!! Upon investigation I learned that the milk was this colour because it was mainly fore milk - very thin, and very little fat. I discovered that because I was only pumping 3 times a day I would have to pump for longer periods of time to get the fatty hind milk.... well that was it! I did not want to spend any more time attached to a pump, cleaning all the parts, sorting the bottles, etc. In the end I felt like I did what was best for all of us. I can spend more time with Carter this way, and I'm happy that he got breast milk for 3 months. In fact he's still getting a few ounces each day at this point. I have a freezer stash that should last a couple of weeks.

So, he's officially a formula fed baby. I had such anxiety over the thought of making this switch; I felt like I would be letting him down if I stopped. Now that we have finally switched it's not really bothering me as much as I thought it would. I really just put it in perspective... I was formula fed, Ralph was formula fed, and so are many, many babies and they turn out just fine!! After everything we've been through this is just not worth beating myself up over. He's a happy healthy little boy! I can't believe he's going to be 4 months next week! Time really does fly!

He's still an extremely fussy eater! He eats about 2-3 ounces every 2-3 hours! I'm taking him to see the doctor in the next week or so as he's not eating the recommended amount of formula per day. I wouldn't care so much about that, but his weight gain is still realllly slow! He's growing taller fast though; he is around 26 inches and 14 lbs. Because he's skinny he can wear most 3 month clothes, but if it has feet in it (sleepers, etc) then he is in 6 months or bigger.

He continues to throw up ALL THE TIME!! It's so distressing when he isn't eating enough to begin with, then he throws half of it up! I'm hoping he grows out of this soon. I feel so bad for him and it would be nice not to have to go through 5-6 outfits a day. Because of his eating habits there's no sign of him sleeping through the night anytime soon! He may do a 4-5 hour stretch if we are lucky.

Despite the feeding issues he is doing GREAT!! He continues to amaze me everyday! He still smiles all the time and finally laughed. I put him in his exercauser, and he just burst into laughter. It was the sweetest thing, I started to cry.... I know how sappy... Baby laughter is just the sweetest sound EVER! Then he went weeks without laughing, but when he did again we caught it on video:

He now laughs at the most random things. I was opening a chocolate bar yesterday and he was chuckling at the sound of it rustling. Then proceeded to cry.... haha!

He FINALLY likes tummy time! yay!

He also loves his toys now! I thought he was never going to take interest in them, but then suddenly one day he just reached out for one of them. His favourite toy is his toy phone, he loves to chew on the antenna :) He's also warming up to Sophie the Giraffe.

Oh oh oh, he rolled over!!..... once! haha. It was a few weeks ago from tummy to back, and he hasn't done it since. Oh well, at least we know he can do it, and he'll do it again when he wants to. He likes to roll onto his side when we lay him on his back, so I'm sure he will roll from back to tummy soon.

He is close to sitting up by himself. He likes to sit up leaning on the couch but can't quite hold himself up... yet..

Oh yes.. he has found his voice!! Of course he has been cooing and "talking" for weeks now but he is learning just how loud he can be. We were out and about a few days ago and he was screaming at the top of his lungs. He wasn't upset, I think he was just seeing how loud he could be. I'm sure the entire store could hear him! He babbles all day, its so sweet. He also loves to blow bubbles :)

We visited Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick a few weeks ago. It was amazing. I carried Carter in his Beco carrier again. He loved it and fell asleep instantly. I love carrying him, having him close to me. Ralph likes using the carrier too which is awesome!

We visited the Moncton Zoo again last month. Carter slept the entire time we were there the first time in April. It was nice that he was wide awake this time.

Ralph's grandparents are currently visiting family in the Halifax area. We went down to Halifax and stayed for a weekend. We went on the Harbour Hopper which is a city tour in a vehicle that can go on land and in the water. It brings you around the city then into the water down at the harbour. I highly recommend it if you have time. It takes about an hour.

Boondocks Restaurant - Gotta love those "cutted" steaks.

Sooo we have pretty much scrapped the diet for now! I just don't have time to be cooking meals from scratch every day when we are trying to pack up the house for moving! I've gained back the 5 pounds I lost, surprise surprise. I'm hoping once we move back to BC, there will be more people to keep an eye on Carter so I can cook more. I also have been slacking on the running. I haven't been in a few weeks now. I did use the Zombies, Run app once though and it was awesome! I highly recommend it! Again, once we are back home I'm hoping to get out more and hopefully start playing soccer again this fall.

Ever since my pregnancy my eyesight has been pretty bad. I had an eye exam a few weeks ago and was given a prescription for glasses. I am to wear them for reading, watching TV, driving, etc. Things are definitely much clearer now.

We are at T-minus 20 days until we move! We had a "yard" sale this past weekend. We ended up having it in our living room because there were thundershowers all day. We have sold everything that was in our living room so figured it made sense to have it in there. We made a few hundred dollars so it was worth the time. However, we still have a ton of stuff we need to get rid of. I think we are just going to end up bringing it all to the Salvation Army or something.

Thanks again to those that read my blog. Now that I know some people read it I will try to update more frequently.

- Amy

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  1. :) I love reading your posts Amy...and Carter is such a muffin!!! I cant wait to see you guys!